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Hi I'm Andrew Cavanagh an Australian health writer and member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association.

For years I've written health features for newspapers from Cairns Australia to Colorado USA.

I've also written three health books including a groundbreaking book on depression and the hilarious Undersize Me diet and lifestyle manual...

Years ago searching for information on how to reverse sinus problems I discovered research that can have a profound positive influence on your body's defense against viruses like the bird flu, the common cold and influenza...

“I Discovered
A Scientific GENIUS Who Invested
Over 15 Years Developing A System To Help...”

“Stop Viruses Like
The Common Cold Influenza And The Bird Flu
DEAD In Their Tracks...”

A system you can start using in your home today for mere pennies...

And this is not some hokey therapy without substance or scientfic credibility...

This research scientist's findings were published 5 TIMES in the presitigious Journal Of The National Medical Association.

I intially found this research through another internationally respected health professional and bestselling author from Canada.

Everywhere I looked this research scientist's credentials were solid, the respect he'd gained from his peers was overwhelming...

“And His Approach To
Stopping Viruses COLD Is So Obvious
And So Brilliant You'll Be
Amazed And Thrilled At How Simple It Really Is...”

I've put all this research into plain language you can understand and recorded it all on a full audio CD and in a written report you can download in just minutes from now.

advanced hygiene image

This “Advanced Hygiene Secrets” audio was based on an hour long radio interview I gave that was delivered to over 40 commercial radio stations across Australia.

I've condensed this interview down and ADDED some critical frequently asked questions you need the answers to if you want to avoid those killer viruses.

If you'll give me less than 60 minutes I'll help you...

“Bird Flu Proof” Your Body
And Give You Powerful Immunity Against
The Common Cold, Influenza
And Bacterial Infections...”

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You'll get a full audio that gives you the meat of 15 years of brilliant research from one of the world's leading research scientists...

AND years of my own research that began way back before the SARS epidemic.

I've searched for all the keys to fighting viruses like the common cold, influenza, killer viruses like the bird flu and SARs and chronic diseases like sinusitis and allergies.

In my years of extensive health research into viruses and common diseases I was astonished to find most health professionals are making the same simple mistakes that can leave you vunerable to bird flu, colds, influenza and more...

“Are You And Your Doctor
Making These Common Mistakes
That Could Leave You
Vunerable To The Bird Flu
Influenza, The Common Cold And More?...”

I'll reveal to you every mistake you could be making right now and show you a whole range of simple, natural steps you can take immediately to protect you and your family.

In this groundbreaking audio I'll share with you...

  • The most common way of catching a virus like the common cold, influenza or the bird flu...

  • The answer to this terrifying question...

“Can You Catch Bird Flu
From The Chicken Or Eggs You Eat?...”

I'll give you the shocking answer and the simple secret to protecting yourself...

  • The secret of how viruses like the bird flu get into your body and the simple steps you can take to stop those viruses dead in their tracks...

  • How to recognize bird flu symptoms and what you should do first if you think you have the virus.

  • How a “madman” from the 19th Century can reveal to you the most vital health key if you want to avoid most viruses and bacterial infections. Especially if your want to avoid the dreaded bird flu.

  • Why there's some hitchhikers you NEVER want to pick up and what that has to do with your health.

  • Most of what you'll hear about viruses is old wives tales but there's one piece of advice you've heard from Grandma you should pay special interest to you and how to make sure you folow this key health advice the RIGHT way...

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Does this information work?

Read what Lurline Gibb from Mareeba Australia says...

“I had the first symptoms of a flu and before going out in the evening I followed your simple hygiene directions...”

“Normally once I get the flu it's a week or two of coughing and nose blowing and I was out VERY late that night...”

“I was amazed when I woke up the next morning and the flu was gone!”

- Lurline Gibb, Mareeba, Australia

And that's just scratching the surface...

I'll reveal to you the astonishing health and hygiene secrets I've discovered from around the world in my years of research including...

  • The five anti virus steps common in Japan that helped them avoid an outbreak of SARS and how you can follow these five anti virus steps to avoid the bird flu, SARS, influenza and the common cold.

“The 5 Key Reasons
Antibacterial Soaps Could Be Hazardous
To Your Health And Are
NOT Recommended By Health Authorities...”

  • The secret of exactly what you should use to wash your hands – this will surprise you...

  • A secret about a certain part of your body you MUST understand if you want to be healthy and avoid contracting viruses, bacterial infections and more.

  • How you could be doing the health equivalent of licking the toilet floor of a filthy smelly motorhome repeatedly every day. This audio will give you the key knowledge and the motivation to stop immediately!

  • A collosal health mistake you could be making habitually several times a day without even thinking that is linked to autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and more...

    And this habit is so easy to fix. Once you realize how dangerous and disgusting it really is like most people you'll stop immediately...

  • How you could be unwittingly letting a cocktail of dangerous germs, bacteria, chemicals, insecticides, pollutants and worse into your body and the simple step you can take to avoid this.

  • Why chopsticks or even a simple knife and fork can be an ally if you want outstanding health....

  • The two supplements most likely to help relieve the symptoms of a cold or influenza and the little known secrets to taking these cheap natural supplements for maximum effect.

  • Simple diet guidelines that can help increase the power of your immune system and help you fight of a virus if it does get in your body...

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Remember you'll be learning an advanced hygiene system that's proven to work in the real world.

You could get almost immediate relief just like my friend and client Brendan Mether from Cairns...

“When Andrew first introduced me to this amazingly simple system I was suffering constantly from repeated bouts of colds or influenza...”

“My doctor had diagnosed me with bronchitis...”

“I'd barely get over one cold or flu and another would come along. I was getting to know my doctor way too well and the antibiotics he prescribed barely helped with the symptoms...”

“After two years my life had become a misery...”

“When I started using this hygiene system my health improved almost immediately and now a year later...

"I can't remember
the last time I had a full blown
cold or flu!"

- Brendan Mether, Bayview Heights, Australia

And the secrets packed into this audio CD keep coming including...

  • A little known secret to healthy skin. This is so simple and so profound you'll kick yourself when you hear it...

“What You MUST
Avoid Doing If You Or Your Children
Suffer From Pimples...”

And how if you don't avoid this mistake you'll be making your acne problem so much worse.

  • How you could be suffering right now from one of the most common diseases in the western world and not even realize it...

    How leaving this disease untreated could lead to asthma attacks, colds, serious bouts of influenza, infections, even meningitis – an infection that can result in brain damage.

    This audio program will explain to you what this disease is, the suffering it could be causing you and how to relieve it FAST!

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It's like having me right there in your home sharing years of research honed down to simple step by step instructions to help you avoid deadly viruses and bacteria...

Like having me there telling you exactly the mistakes you're making that are putting you and your family at risk and telling you how to change immediately – the simplest, easiest way...

You'll be amazed at the depth of knowledge on this audio. You'll discover...

  • Why you absolutely NEED a specific type of hair on your body and a simple way to keep that hair healthy.

“A Therapy Nearly NO ONE Knows
Yet It Is Powerfully Effective At Clearing Up
Sinus Conditions
And Problems With Airborne Allergies...”

And this therapy will cost you less than two cents to do in the comfort of your own home.

How this therapy can also help slow the progression of a virus – sometimes stop it dead in its tracks...You'll get detailed instructions in this report.

And it will help you clear out a blocked nose or blocked sinuses – usually in a few seconds or a few minutes!

  • Five more simple natural secrets to clear a really stubborn blocked nose. You'll love this list and you'll be thrilled when you can finally breathe easy again.

  • Why nearly every ear nose and throat specialist recommends an inferior version of this therapy for sinus problems and why this scientfically proven technique is so much safer and often far more effective.

  • The problem with nasal sprays that could lead to serious infection and how to avoid this problem...

  • A deadly healthy mistake you could be making that leaves you with a blocked nose, colds, influenza and sinusitis. If you don't stop making this health mistake you could end up with serioius lung cancer, emphysima or heart disease.

  • How blowing your nose the wrong way could lead to serious infections and a painful middle ear condition you'll definitely want to avoid.

    This audio program will show you the simple secret to nose blowing that will help you avoid both these serious side effects...

    And the information packed in this audio CD goes on and on including...

“The Simple Secret
To Relieving Or Avoiding Many Airborne Allergies
Like Hay Fever...”

You'll be amazed at how you can use a simple, two cent therapy to relieve the stuffed up nose and runny eyes that come with most airborne allergies. And you can do it in less than a minute!...

  • One part of your body many people don't clean daily and why this could be a HUGE key to reducing the number of allergic attacks you have.

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Read how the power of this fantastic hygiene system helped Pamela McDowell from Grand Junction Colorado overcome her allergy and sinus symptoms...

“For over 26 years every hay fever season I'd suffer weeks of itchy red eyes, a plugged up nose and persistent sinus headaches.”

“My doctors gave me allergy shots and prescription antihistamines but these never dealt with the root cause of my allergies.”

“It's fantastic to know using this hygiene system I can now IMMEDIATELY and NATURALLY treat my allergy symptoms as soon as they appear and get instant relief.”

- Pamela McDowell, Grand Junction, Colorado

And you'll get even more ground breaking health and hygiene secrets including...

  • The neglected hormone that is one your body's most powerful antioxidants and how the only way to increase levels of this hormone is by improving your hygiene.

  • How to power up your immune system without taking a single vitamin. This is the most powerful technique you'll ever discover for enhanced immunity and health.

  • You'll be amazed at how a study published in the prestigious Journal Of The National Medical Association can show you how to reduce your risk of cancer simply, naturally and easily – yet this technique has been ignored by mainstream medicine.

  • The embarrassingly simple secret the Japanese and some African tribes have discovered that can help reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

    This is so obvious yet I'll bet nearly anything you've never thought of it.

  • How these advanced hygiene secrets are likely to help you live longer. Could this be the long searched for fountain of youth?

“The Secret Link Between
Hygiene And Stress And How Good Hygiene
Could Actually Reduce Your
Levels Of Stress...”

  • How stress is linked to nearly every major western disease – most likely including the conditions you suffer from – and how advanced hygiene might be a major help.

  • The amazing link between hygiene and intelligence.

  • Could the advanced hygiene secrets in this audio put you and your family on the road to genius like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Thomas Edison?

    You'll learn exactly how better hygiene could make you smarter and the hygiene steps you must take if you want a healthier sharper brain.

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Remember this is NOT an unreadable scientific treatise.

I've put this whole audio program into plain simple everyday language you can undersand...

“You'll Have Step By Step Instructions
Explaining To You Exactly How To Follow These
Advanced Hygiene Guidelines...”

And SLASH your risk of catching viruses like the bird flu, the common cold and more...

These instructions are so simple a child could follow them.

You'll have the peace of mind knowing that you're doing every thing you can in a natural healthy way to protect your children from deadly diseases like the bird flu AND...

The common cold, influenza, bacterial infections and food poisoning.

You could even be helping make your child smarter.

How much will you pay for this fantastic audio?

Think of how much money this information packed audio CD could save you in just a year...

“How Often Do You
Go To Your Doctor With A Cold Or Flu
Or Sinus Problems?”

How often do you take a child or someone else in your family because they've picked up a virus somewhere and you just want to be sure it's not something dangerous?

Imagine the money you save and the peace of mind you'd have if you and your family never caught a virus, a cold or a flu to begin with.

Imagine a household without blocked sinuses, hay fever and other airborne allergies.

Think of how much work time you're losing because you or your family are sick with a cold or flu.

You'll be getting the best information available anywhere in the world to prevent colds, influenza, sinus problems and more...

If you were to talk to me in person you'd pay $250 an hour and I'm VERY good – believe me it would be worth every penny.

But you won't pay $250 for this audio CD.

“You Won't Even Pay
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  • The biggest secret to losing weight and keeping it off forever...

  • The foods you must eat if you want a powerful immune system...

  • A little know therapy that can eliminate negative emotions in just minutes! This is crucial because being depressed or angry can compromise your immune system and leave you more vunerable to viruses...

  • And much much more...

Your “Undersize Me Secrets audio CD is jam packed with over 15 years of research condensed down into simple, practical information you'll use every day...

And there's more...

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Bonus #3 FREE “Undersize Me Diet And Lifestyle Manual” Audio CD $28 Value...

The groundbreaking  diet and lifestyle manual on audio CD - packed with a boatload of common sense information to help you revolutionize your health the natural healthy way.

The Undersize Me manual on audio CD reveals little known health secrets about exercise, sleep, diet and much much more...

Every piece of information packed into this audio CD will help you improve your general health and power up your immune system naturally.

So you'll get your Advanced Hygiene Secrets audio CD, the full, immediate download of the Advanced Hygiene Secrets report, the Undersizeme Secrets Audio CD AND the Undersize Me diet and lifestyle manual on audio CD.

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“This Audio CD Really Is PACKED
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Information that can save you from colds, influenza, bird flu, SARS, bacterial infection and more...

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Yours sincerely,
Andrew Cavanagh
Andrew Cavanagh (AMWA)

P.S. Improving your hygiene is not just GREAT for your health it's also the right thing to do from a moral standpoint.

Do you want to be passing on potentially deadly viruses and bacteria to your family, friends and workmates?

Do you want to leave the members of your family vunerable to colds, influenza and even deadly viruses like the bird flu and SARS.

“It's A Shame For Your Family To Suffer
When You Can
Protect Them So Easily...”

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© Copyright 2005
Andrew Cavanagh
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